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Arielle Egozi is a creative director and writer. 

Her work is centered on the destigmatization (and celebration) of all bodies, brains and identities.
She is the Founder of study hall, a creative studio partnering with brands and agencies to bring a nuanced, cultural perspective to the work. She sits on the board of Do the WeRQ, a non-profit highlighting LGBTQ+ voices in advertising, and is the President of dave&goliath, a foundation committed to making space for men to talk about their mental health.

She is a 2023 PUENTES fellow, university guest lecturer and creative industry mentor, and Salon’s inaugural sex and love advice columnist. Her writing has appeared in publications such as NYLON, Business Insider, and Teen Vogue.

She’s spoken on stages around the world and has been featured globally across major publications for her taboo-breaking work. She shares a bed with her two perrhijos and partner.



Sex Work to Cornrows: Nothing Unprofessional About It

Queering Creative: the They/Them perspective

Queering Creative: Beyond Rainbow Washing

LGBTQ+ Sex Education for Brands

Oppression in the Algorithms

The Language of Neurodivergence


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Marie Claire

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