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Writing & Features

op-eds include: 

I listed ‘sex work’ on LinkedIn and caused a viral uproar. This is the last time I’ll defend that choice, Business Insider
Rainbow-washing isn’t just hurtful. It’s Bad Creative, The Muse
interviews include: 

Daphne Lee Opens Up About Being a Black Ballerina With Natural Hair, Allure
Madame Gandhi; The Free-Bleeding Feminist Musician With a Harvard MBA, Mic
Instagram @Look_At_This_Pussy Aims to Break Down Shame Using Fake Pussies, Teen Vogue
This Documentary is Changing the Conversation for Trans Athletes, Nylon
branded content includes: 

Role Play For Couples, Foria Wellness
Sex & Aging: “It’s not all bad!”, Dame Products
Dealing With a Partner Grossed Out By Your Period, THINX
Laureen HD On Launching a YouTube Channel to Destigmatize STIs, Modern Fertility
Big Boobs: Confessions From Someone Who Has Them, Momotaro Apotheca
coverage includes: 

Brooklyn’s Curlfest Celebrates Natural Hair, Mic
Local Artists Host Community Poster-Making Sessions for Women’s March, Miami New Times
Comedian Lizz Winstead on Making Abortion Access Funny in Her New Special, Miami New Times
The Women’s March Launches ‘Resistance Revival’, Mic
some selects from Salon’s “Best Sex Ever” Advice Column: 

Sober Now And Sexually Lost; How do I ask for what I want in bed?
Is This a Break or a Breakup?
I’m in Love With a Man for the First Time; What do I do?
essays include: 

I Read The Stanford-Rape Victim’s Letter and Decided to Write My Own, Elite Daily
How To Tell If The Women’s March is About Real Feminism — Not the Safe, Trendy Kind, Vox

SONDERSLAND 2022 Award Winner

Sex Work Is Just As Valid An Experience As Anything Else, Business Insider
Book Review: Urban Undesirables, Feminism in India
Vibin’ On You: Arielle Egozi
Consent, Vice on HBO
The Unexpected Face of the Sex Work Positivity Movement, The Washington Post
I Listed Sex Work on My LinkedIn. Here’s What Happened Next, Vice

Select Campaigns:
Ask Arielle, THINX (btwn)
Everybody Has a Butt, b-Vibe
Feel My Power, Le Wand
States of Sex Ed, Blume
Select Books:
All The F*cking Mistakes, Gigi Engle
Modern Manhood, Cleo Stiller
How to Read a Protest: The Art of Organizing and Resistance, L.A. Kauffman
Reclaiming Pleasure, Dr. Richmond
Rebel Music, Volume 2: Human Rights, Resistan Sounds, and the Politics of Music Making, Daniel Fischlin
Period Power: A Manifesto for the Menstrual Movement, Nadya Okamato
Sex & Love Advice Column:
Best Sex Ever, Salon 2019
Select Podcasts:
Prospective Doctors, 2023
Times of India, 2022
Channel Q, The Morning Beat, 2022
LGBTQuarantine, 2022
Future of Sex, 2020
Why Are People Into That? 2019
Math Magazine, 2019
Millioneiress, 2018
TV & Media:
Consent, Vice on HBO
︎#RealTalk, Mic
NDA Production
Select Speaking engagements:  
SXSW 2023, Sex Work to Cornrows: Nothing Unprofessional About It
SONDERSLAND, Madrid, Spain
SXSW, Austin, Texas
Sex+ Summit, Opening Ceremony
Latin American Investment Impact Forum + Planned Parenthood, Antigua, Guatemala
The GirlMob, New York City
Nuance Conference, New York City
Pleasure Chest, New York City
Oppression in the Algorithm: Modern Sex Ed, New York City
Hustle and Flow, New York City
Come As You Are, THINX, New York City
MOTHERSHIP Fest,  Los Angeles, CA

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